Kentuck Knob strives to gives visitors a fulfilling and educational experience

With advanced notice, Kentuck Knob can make every effort to accommodate visitors with disabilities. Please communicate accessibility concerns with the Kentuck Knob staff prior to your tour starting. If you need to sit at any point during a tour, please make your tour guide aware and there can be seating provided.

For visitors with mobility, vison or hearing imparments, please take note of the following information:


Tours begin on the shuttle bus and a short drive to the house., Visitors using wheelchairs may follow (or proceed) the shuttle bus to the house in their own wheelchair-equipped vehicle and park their vehicle in the courtyard during their tour.

Some areas of the house are not wheelchair accessible. However, the tour remains rewarding and informative. There are 4 low stone steps from the courtyard up to the front door. A ramp will be placed over steps to the wide front door. This ramp requires installation, so we ask that guests please provide sufficient advance notice.


Upon request, a written transcript of the tour is available. These can be provided in several languages.


The tour's content can be tailored to be more descriptive. Tour guides will be able to assist guests safely through the house.

Service Animals

Certified service animals are welcome to join your tour and on the grounds around the house.

Uneven Terrain

The paths around the house and Woodland Walk trail is available to visitors after the tour. The trail is nearly 1 mile long with steep, wide steps, and the trail is a combination of gravel and compacted dirt.

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