Prepare for Your Visit

Take Time to Stroll
Allow enough time on-site to stroll the wonderful grounds around Kentuck Knob and visit our Gift Shop and Café.

The Guided House Tour is approximately 45 minutes in length and does not include any stair climbing except for four small steps to enter the home. The In-Depth Tour is about 90 minutes long. Both tours start on time, so please arrive promptly.

The grounds include a somewhat uneven terrain therefore walking shoes are a must. You will also experience a slight grade on the walking trail.

We recommend that you plan to stay with us for at least an hour and a half and that you wear comfortable walking shoes.

Plan for Weather
Come prepared for the weather. Mountain temperatures are generally five to ten degrees colder than those in Pittsburgh. Please plan accordingly.

Guidelines for the House Tour
The house is open for you to walk through with your assigned guide. However, the hallways and doorways are narrow. Large or bulky items such as camera bags, book bags or over-sized handbags present a hazard to our historic furnishings, collections and woodwork. We will ask that you lock these items in your car before your tour. To protect the house, our staff reserves the right to check any over-sized items at the front door.

There are no public restrooms inside or near the house itself. Please use the restrooms near the parking lot prior to beginning your tour.

Children under the age of 6 are not permitted to tour the house.  Children ages 6+ are permitted to tour the house and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Exterior photography, painting and sketching are permitted for personal use only. Photography, painting and sketching are not permitted at any point during interior tours.

Pet Policy
Pets are not permitted in Kentuck Knob or on the grounds around the house. While we suggest you don’t leave pets in your car, please use caution if you choose to do so as this can have adverse affects, especially on hot summer days. When walking your pets in the parking lot areas, please be sure to use a leash and be courteous of other visitors by cleaning up after your pet. Pet lodging and daycare are available from several area facilities.

Certified service animals are welcome to join you on the tour and on the grounds around the house.

Kentuck Knob makes every effort to accommodate visitors with disabilities.

Wheelchairs: Visitors are transported to the house in a shuttle bus, which is not wheelchair accessible. However, visitors using wheelchairs may follow the shuttle bus to the house in their own wheelchair-equipped vehicle and leave their vehicle in the courtyard during your tour. Some areas of the house are wheelchair accessible, but others are not. Even though all rooms are not accessible, the tour is still a rewarding experience.

There are 4 shallow stone steps from the courtyard up to the front door. We can place a wooden ramp over these steps to help you up to the wide front door. This ramp requires installation so we ask that you please provide sufficient advance notice.

Service Animals: Certified service animals are welcome.

Restrooms: Restrooms are accessible.

Visiting Fallingwater
Please plan to book your tour of Kentuck Knob and Fallingwater 3 hours apart. This will give you ample time to explore both properties and travel in-between.

Advanced ticket purchase is essential for all tours at Kentuck Knob.

Is is important to arrive on time for your scheduled tour time. Otherwise you will be asked to attend the next available scheduled tour time.

If You Have Questions

Call Us at (724) 329-1901 Ask Us via Email

Photo by Jim Judkis