Prepare for Your Group Tour

Arrive Early
Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before your tour to ensure a prompt start time. This will allow ample time to check in at the Visitor Center and organize your group into the sub-groups in which they will tour the house. A shuttle bus will take you up to the house for your tour.  It seats fourteen so we may split your tour into sets of fourteen.

Allow Enough Time
Allow at least an hour and a half on-site to see the house, grounds, Shop and Coffee Shop (where you can enjoy hand-dipped Hagan ice cream).

Add Lunch
Boxed lunches and ice cream are available to our group tours at Frank Lloyd Wright’s House on Kentuck Knob from local dining establishments. For more information, call (724) 329-1901 or ask while booking your tour.

Prepare for The Environment
Please be prepared for the weather. Some of the tour is conducted outside. We will have limited quantities of umbrellas, both at the Visitor Center and at the house for guests to use in case of inclement weather.

The grounds include a somewhat uneven terrain therefore walking shoes are a must. You will also experience a slight grade on the walking trail.

On the property is our sculpture collection, which includes works by Andy Goldsworthy and Sir Anthony Caro – among many others. This is open to all visitors as part of the tour. You can access the sculptures from the Visitor Center or walk down from the house after your tour. Be advised that this walk is through the woods on a sloped, woodland path.  Please refrain from touching the sculptures.

Keep Us Posted
Please let us know if you are running late by calling (724) 329-1901. Late arrivals may have to wait unit the next available time slot, which may delay the start of your tour.

Handicapped accessibility is limited, but we accommodate everyone who would like to visit the house.  Please feel free to call (724) 329-1901 for more details or for special accommodations.

Leave Bags Behind
Please leave all large backpacks or bags on your tour bus  or vehicles as they will not be permitted inside the home to ensure its preservation.

Directions are available upon request. Kentuck Knob is a smoke-free property. 

If You Have Questions

Photo by Jim Judkis