Preservation Series: Screen Doors

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Preservation Series: Screen Doors

Tidewater Red Cypress – what Mr. Wright called “the wood eternal” – makes up all of the wood elements in the home. Found in the Southeast and Gulf Coast of North America, this deciduous conifer is known for its resilience to rot.

The Hagan’s chose to protect their cypress exterior with a spar varnish which helps to retain its natural coloring. Cypress will change to a gray/black color if left untreated which necessitates a regular re-varnishing. Our front screen doors, the gateway to the home, were beginning to lose this varnish and exhibit signs of discoloration.

Screen Door Removal

Enter George Starz of Starz Interior Restoration. Mr. Starz came to us highly recommended by John Chan (who had performed previous restoration work on the home).

Sanded Door

After a thorough analysis of the damage, George took the doors back to his shop in Pittsburgh to begin refinishing work. With the old bronze screen removed, the old varnish stripped off, and a curious shim on the bottom of the door removed, a blank slate of beautiful cypress was ready for a protective coating. A new screen and hinges were sourced and a total of three coats of spar varnish put back on the doors.

Restored Doors

With the refinished doors back on their hinges and the new bronze screens, we are given a glimpse of what the Hagans would have seen when they first walked up to those doors in 1956.

Emily Butler

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