Preservation Series: Pond Edition

Kentuck Knob

Preservation Series: Pond Edition

Pond at Kentuck KnobWith the assistance of Robert Taylor, an architect from Carnegie Mellon University, the pond at Kentuck Knob was built directly outside of the master bedroom’ s eastern windows. Large boulders were placed to create this triangular shaped pool which appears to flow naturally from the hillside. An addition to Mrs. Hagan’s natural and lush gardens, the pond was and continues to be a source of natural beauty.

Historic water features can sometimes prove to be tricky preservation projects. The pond at Kentuck Knob is no exception. With a continuously and conspicuously lowering water level and peeling sealant, we decided it was time to completely restore the pond.

Pond at Kentuck KnobOur main goal was to eliminate any possible exit point for the pump-fed water. Wanting to start from scratch, we completely removed all of the existing river stone and removed the old liner. After a thorough cleaning, new concrete was poured and all failing mortar joints were re-pointed.

Weeks of research resulted in the decision to use an epoxy sealant. A combination of Top Secret Seal It! Deep Penetrating Sealer and Supreme Two Component High Build Epoxy was used. These products would simultaneously harden the concrete, create a water tight seal, and provide the flat black coloring we were looking for.

Utilizing the original pump, but replacing the plastic tubing, our Head of Maintenance, Stephen King, engineered a better system for the water to circulate as well as performed all of the restoration work on the pond.

With new river stone lining the base, fresh water, various types of aquatic flora and our usual amphibian friends, the pond is up and running and ready for summer!

Emily Butler

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