Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the tour?
The house tour is approximately 45 minutes in length. After the tour, guests are welcome to take in the Woodland Walk at their own pace. We suggest you allow at least an hour for the tour and the walk.

How long is the Woodland Walk?
The Woodland Walk is a stretch from the Kentuck Knob Visitor Center that runs for slightly over half a mile. Walking at a moderately fast pace, the walk uphill to the home takes approximately 15-20 minutes. The Woodland Walk is purchased at the Kentuck Knob Visitor Center, so you do not need to make reservations online for the Woodland Walk.

How much does a tour cost?
For an adult (ages 19+) a regular guided house tour is $25. For a child (ages 6-18) or a student with a valid ID, a regular guided house tour is $18. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted into the home.

An In-Depth Tour costs $65.
A Woodland Walk pass is $12.

What is the rule concerning photography on the property?
There is no interior photography permitted in the home, however exterior photography is allowed. Taking a camera is recommended because there are many wonderful views to capture on the grounds at Kentuck Knob.

How far away is Fallingwater? How far away is the Duncan House?
Fallingwater is approximately 15-20 minutes away from Kentuck Knob. The Duncan House is about one hour away from Kentuck Knob. To make reservations for both of these tours, contact Fallingwater at (724) 329-8501.

How do you reserve tours?
Tour reservations are made online. Click on the Tours tab, and then choose the type of tour you desire. A calendar will appear, and you follow the directions given to finish booking your tour.

If you wish to make reservations over the phone, call (724) 329-1901 and choose option 1 to be transferred over to our ticketing agency.

While booking a tour is not necessary to visit Kentuck Knob, it is extremely advised. As the season progresses, and the busier Kentuck Knob gets, the harder it becomes to “walk-in” without a reservation. Making a reservation ensures that you receive a specific tour time and date.

What does the Woodland Walk include?
The Woodland Walk includes the grounds to Kentuck Knob. Kentuck Knob is home to approximately 30 sculptures, created by artists such as Harry Bertoia, Andy Goldsworthy and more. With the Woodland Walk, you can see the exterior of the home, and roam the grounds with a map that you can pick up in the Visitor Center when you purchase your pass.

Are the grounds included in the price of the tour or should a Woodland Walk pass be purchased as well?
The Woodland Walk is included in the price of the tour – nothing separate needs to be purchased to roam the grounds after your tour.

What is the GPS address to Kentuck Knob?
The GPS address for Kentuck Knob is 723 Kentuck Road, Dunbar, PA 15431.

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Photo by Jim Judkis